A Walk In The Field – Martzloff


Oil on canvas panel. Cathy Martzloff 2017



A walk in the field can be both peaceful and surprising sometimes. On this day an old red barn emerged from the grasses as I looked up to check my path. The sound of birds singing in the trees circled in the background atmosphere. As I stationed my easel and nestled in for some painting, the landscape seemed to become more still. I waited for animals to emerge but that never happened. Just as well a cow in the grass might have been too much of a surprise for me.

This small farm landscape is full of color and marks of interest that I hope convey an element of surprise and joy often found on a walk in the field.

About Artist

Catherine returned to full-time painting about 7 years ago after some major life changes and alterations to life as she knew it. These changes inspired a return to many things including painting, something she studied as an Art Major in college years ago. Read more


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