Cathy MartzloffCatherine returned to full-time painting about 7 years ago after some major life changes and alterations to life as she knew it. These changes inspired a return to many things including painting, something she studied as an Art Major in college years ago.

Capitalizing on her strengths and what she knew deep inside brought her to a point of re-immersion. She departed from a job she held for 12 years and took a huge leap of faith in re-committing herself to her art. Taking art classes locally with a focus on drawing at first. About a year later, she was encouraged to move into painting by one of her teachers. Although she was a bit hesitant, it wasn’t long before she knew this was right where she needed to be as an artist. It brought her back to the joy she had in college painting. This was a time when hours would sweep by like seconds, and that was beginning to happen again.

With diligence and commitment she practiced, supplementing her classes by drawing and painting on her own outside of class. Slowly she connected with a few local painters and joined a plein air group and loved the connection of being outdoors in nature with her paints.

Ms. Martzloff began showing her work in 2011 and most recently, put together her first solo show “Landscape Perspectives: A Local View”. The show was extremely well received and included a body of plein air paintings large and small depicting a variety of landscapes within Central NJ and Eastern, PA.

Currently, Ms. Martzloff continues to explore the “landscape” of painting developing her interest in plein air landscapes as well as the landscape within a still life. Her approach continues to move toward revealing the underpinnings of her creative process. Leaving things exposed on the canvas while continuing to seek out the texture and color of life as she see it within the subject.

A resident of Cranbury, NJ for over 20 years, Ms. Martzloff was born in Vancouver, BC and has been continually inspired by the Impressionists and Post Impressionists. Her passion is to continue to work toward developing paintings that keep the viewer engaged in something beyond the surface construction.

She regularly exhibits her work and has an expanding group of collectors and followers.

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