Pleinairly is an online marketplace to buy and sell pleinair artwork.

The name Pleinairly is adapted from the French term “En plein air” which means to “in the open air” and is used to describe the act of painting outdoors. This niche style of artwork is the process of creating art on-site and in nature. Van Gogh, Monet and many of the other well known Impressionists brought this form of art into the mainstream.

The idea to launch Pleinarly was born out of my own frustration of not seeing a central location collecting all of the wonderful, highly skilled and beautiful pleinair art that I found scattered across so many disparate websites.

I also wanted to create a curated gallery of new and notable pleinair artists in order to help them promote and sell their work, while making the opportunity to own original Pleinair artwork more accessible to new collectors. Inspired by the work being done by to bring the work of artists to the masses in a novel and affordable format, I decided that the work featured on would also follow a very strict format and pricing structure with each original painting measuring 5×7 inches and selling for just $57.00.

The provocative price is not intended to devalue the fine work of the pleinair artists represented on the site. We’ve launched a creative and conscious strategy to help these pleinair artists find more fans, followers, and collectors of the work they produce by showcasing their talents and providing artist information and links back to their social networks and official websites. Our goal is to also convert more art fans into art collectors by introducing them to new artists and artwork while providing an easy point of entry into the fine art ecosystem.

If you are a pleinair artist who would like to have your work represented on the site, please submit an application and samples of your work using our online form.

If you are an art collector interested in owning an original pleinair masterpiece, I hope you’ll browse the work of featured artists and purchase a painting on