Sean Wallis artist
Sean Wallis is the young son of renowned impressionist painter, Kent R. Wallis. He has been painting seriously since 2005 and enjoys landscape painting- mainly in Utah where he resides.

As an Impressionist, Sean is captivated by relationships of light and color. He ventures to the outdoors to find truth. Working as a Plein Air artist, Sean must paint swiftly in order to immortalize on canvas his “impression” of each fleeting moment. By skillfully blending colors side by side, Sean creates with every a glimpse of nature an image that vibrates optically- capturing light, hue, atmosphere, and an uncanny illusion of depth.

Surely the natural “gift” of painting has been passed down through the Wallis family. However, one can’t help but appreciate the enormous hours of training that is certainly necessary in emerging as such a magnificent painter.

When asked in a recent interview, “What is art?”, Sean replied, “Art is a set of fundamental principles alongside creative inspiration that creates a statement or creates beauty.”

Sean Wallis website: Sean Wallis Art

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