michele francoeurMichele Francoeur paintings explore the realms of transformative abstraction. Michele Francoeur earned her BFA from Parson’s School of Design, NY in Communication Design and is currently a MFA candidate at Florida Atlantic University, FL in the Visual Arts.

She grew up outside of bustling NY City, in a family that encouraged her early interest in art. Her involvement with art deepened which lead to the of studying art at the Art institute of Boston in Fine Arts and then at Parsons School of Design in Communication Design.

After a successful career in graphic design and raising three children she resumed her art education and is currently a candidate at Florida Atlantic University, FL in the Visual Arts.

Her experience with Communication Design, has left her with a sharp understanding of visual composition. Michele Francoeur is currently employed as an art educator for she passionately believes in the passing on the language of art.

Francoeur work has been exhibited in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Bisbee, Arizona, Cape Cod, Massachusetts and Boca Raton, Florida.


Drawing inspiration from the visible world around me, I abstract colors and shapes in my paintings to express the beauty I experience in the landscape that surrounds me. I work fluidly, employing chance to open the field to then articulate into compelling positive and negative shapes.

Color is employed to express the exuberance of life and evoke specific remembered places. Layering elements compresses energy and heightens visual excitement. Exploring possibilities through interactions of ink, watercolor, oil and metallic acrylics, I initiate work by pouring pigment and binder onto paper or canvas.

Through this intensely physical and engaged process I seek balance between letting the paint take its own course and controlling it. Lyrical abstractions result from my meditations on specific words, memories and places that are enacted by the fluid performance of body and paint.

My work looks both inward to express emotions and outward to embrace the world. These works offer the expressive freedom of direct gesture and felt responses to conjure specific places charged with personal meaning.