Original 5×7 Plein Air Paintings for $57!

colorful and painterly plein air painting

You might be asking (and it’s a good question!) Why would I want to sell my Pleinair art for just $57?

Well, there are a few reasons we selected this size and price. First, we wanted to create a very focused line of work. There are many websites where you can buy artwork of any shape, size, price, and style. Narrowing our selection to 5 x 7 inch plein air art is a way to super serve a very specific audience, and make your browsing and shopping experience more efficient.

We also feel that 5 x 7 is a very unheralded size, don’t you agree?

Second, we wanted the art to be delivered to you directly from the creator, enabling and fostering a connection between the collector and the artist. To do so, we needed an economical and easy to predict shipping process.

The 5 x 7 size allows our United States-based Pleinairly artists to ship to any domestic location within 1-3 days for a simple flat-rate using Priority Mail from the United States Postal Service. If you reside outside the United States and would like to purchase a piece of art from Pleinairly, please contact us and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Finally, the $57 price point makes it affordable for collectors and gift-givers alike. It is also an economical means for artists to market themselves and expose their work to a larger online audience. In order to market and sell their work, artists typically invest in expensive booths and tents at art fair and festivals, buy small ads or full-pages within art catalogs, hire agents to act at their sales arm, and order boxes of brochures, business cards, and tear sheets to help promote their name and talent.

Pleinairly helps mitigate these and other expenses to the artist by giving them a platform to not only promote themselves and their work, but to earn revenue from the sale of their art. Pleinairly gives every artist featured on the site their own Artist Profile page complete with links back to their own website and social media, and allows them to feature as many work for sale as they like.Unlike other sites like Etsy and eBay, there is zero cost to the artist to be featured on the site and post their art for sale.

The only payment we ask is a sales commission on any art sold through the website. An artist only pays after a sales is made. There is no one-time or recurring fee for the artist’s profile page or a per-piece listing charge to post a painting for sale.

After a painting is purchased on Pleinairly, we encourage the artist to fulfill the order for their work themselves. Putting them in direct contact with their art buyers and fans so that they can build a one-to-one relationship and enhance the customer experience.

While some may look at this as simply selling a piece of art for $57 we believe this is a sound marketing strategy to grow an artist’s marketing influence, personal brand, and a unique way to earn money back from marketing efforts rather than always throwing money into that effort.

We think that once Pleinairly proves the model works, that artists will actually begin creating special 5 x 7 original edition plein air works especially for this site based on their larger works. Think of it as being able to own a small color and light study of Monet’s Water Lilies versus buying the final version of the masterpiece.

You might also be asking “My art is valued much more than $57! Why on Earth would I do this?”

As mentioned in more detail above, we feel Pleinairly is not just a place to buy inexpensive original art, but a strategic marketing platform for artists to promote themselves and expose their work. As an artists, you may have smaller sketches or color studies you created in preparation for your final work.

You may consider these roughs or drafts and store them away in a drawer — never to be seen again — once you’ve finished your full-size work. We think these early drafts and studies are perfect original art to feature on Pleinairly. Your experiment with light and shadow is likely viewed as a masterpiece by someone who treasures talent like yours.

Another aspect of being featured on Pleinairly is the perception of authority and credibility that comes with being featuring by a third-party website. You may not yet be affiliated with a gallery and Pleinairly is a nice additional to an artist’s resume.

As Pleinairly grows, we have plans to expand the opportunities for artists and their work to be highlighted and promoted on this website, in our social accounts, and in the media. We invite you to subscribe to our Artist mailing list for those upcoming announcements.

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